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Enter Independent Wellness Guides

As we begin to build our Independent Wellness Guide network, Radiantly You will have the ability to TRANSFORM lives and peoples health. As an IWG, you earn a generous commission on every single sale, build residual income by creating your own team of IWG’s, and work towards amazing bonuses (such as a personal health coach, chiropractic care, massages/spa packages and SO MUCH MORE). This position and opportunity is about total health. It’s about fulfilling your dreams while working for yourself and with a company in which you truly believe. It’s about enjoying the things that matter most to you and having the TIME and FREEDOM to build the life you have always wanted - a Radiant Life!

We are currently offering a direct sales and team building opportunity that has the ability to change your life. Our compensation structure uses a multi-level or network marketing format. Our Independent Wellness Guides create our commissioned sales force that retails our products to the end consumer. Because we distribute our products in this manner, all the money we could be spending on traditional forms of advertising (billboards, commercials, magazines, etc.) is spent on commission payments to Independent Wellness Guides.

For those of you with no experience in sales or network marketing, please contact us so that we can answer your questions and ensure you that the training you want and support you seek is, in fact, here.

For those of you with current or past success and enjoyment with network marketing, we would like to see if we can provide you all the important things for which you are searching in a company and opportunity.

For those of you with network marketing experience, but no true success yet, according to your definition, we urge you to tell us what you feel has been the missing piece.

For those of you with a less than optimal experience or opinion about network marketing, we invite you to contact us to see if we would be different enough in the critical areas necessary for you to consider joining us.

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